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Net Worth Update - December 2017

Here we are again – Net worth time. And a calendar year end. Exciting as that is, in the SxSW household we make all annual adjustments at the end of March (it's a British thing...don't ask).


I maintain my net worth spreadsheet so I can monitor our progress in paying down debt, making investments and our savings rate. It’s so easy to get to the end of the year and wonder where all that money went. Also, what gets measured gets done, and I want my net worth to…get done (whatever that means?).

The Money (Screen)Shot

You will see below the list of the SxSW assets and liabilities. Spoiler alert – our net worth grew by nearly £3,500 over the quarter.

By my calculation, less than £300 of this was due to investment gains, so was driven primarily by our savings rate – estimated at 37% for the quarter.

As always, our liabilities have continued to tick on in the right direction, as have the investment accounts. Each month the automated ring loan, mortgage loan, car loan and automatic investment add up to £650. This should be higher going forward as Mrs SxSW has opened her own investment account in the new year.

As always, I feel we hold too much house and cash, and too few investments (relatively speaking at least). By the time of the next quarterly update this should have changed substantially as we should have completed on an investment property by then. More about this in later posts – I’m sure at great length.

Also, this was the Christmas quarter, so expenses may have been a little higher than usual.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the quarter went. Everything’s going in the right direction.

Looking forward

The next quarter should continue to tick up in all of the same ways. It will also have some one offs, as follows:

1. A big jump upwards seeing as we revalue our property only once per year for NW purposes. I would estimate in the region of £10k considering growth over the 9 months to date.

2. A small jump downward as we revalue the cars downwardly in their annual update.

3. A big jump downwards, in relation to taxes on completion of our investment.

4. A medium (and sad) jump upwards, regarding an inheritance coming my way.

Given that there will be a lot of changes over the next quarter I would hate to suggest what the net worth might be at 31/03/2018!

Happy trails and Happy New Year!

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