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I wish I could afford that...

A colleague and I were both recently in the process of buying houses (not quite as slick as the one above). We were showing each other (and everyone else in the room) what we were buying, and one co-worker said the following:

“I wish I could afford something nice like that”

My initial thoughts were not too complimentary. Maybe if you didn’t buy lunch every day, maybe if you didn’t buy a new tv when your last one is 2 years old, maybe if you didn’t eat out for dinner multiple nights per week. Maybe if…

You get the idea.

But then I got to thinking. This one co-worker is 9 year younger than me, and not in a long term relationship. If you assume that everyone starts saving at the age of 20, he’s been saving for one year.

My wife and I have been saving for 22 between us. My other colleague and her boyfriend have been saving for 20 between them. No wonder he can’t afford to buy a house like ours, but give him 5 years and a girlfriend/wife/partner and it might be very achievable.

At the time I said nothing, but my advice now would be to hang on in there and let those savings add up.

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